Inventory Professionals and Surveyors:
There's a better way to track keys

When things go wrong with your clients' keys, you're often on the receiving end.

Keyzapp is the simple, smart, affordable way to make everyone's life easier.

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"Our biggest issue disappeared over night... Annoyed it took us so long to admit we needed it."
 -  Patrick Alan Sullivan, Red Brick Properties

Any of of these sound familiar?

  • You're stuck waiting for keys no one can find?
    • You arrive at the property to discover you've been given the wrong keys
      • You're getting blamed for not returning keys, even though you're sure it's not you
        • You have a wasted trip because the key wasn’t back in time, or had been given out to another person
          • You're getting calls asking if you know about keys you've never even had!

            But if your clients use Keyzapp...

            • Key sign-out is fast and easy. No more waiting around for staff
              • Keys are reserved for you when you need them
                • You can prove when you took and returned keys
                  • You can indentify keys for each property quickly and easily when you're out in the field
                    • You can sign out many sets of keys in just a few seconds
                      "Key management is no longer a bugbear.... but actually rather fun!"
                       -  Sarah Emmerson, Strutt & Parker

                      Make your keys smart

                      Contactless smart fobs make issuing and returning keys a breeze. Not only do they act smart, but they look great as well.

                      • Just tap or scan

                        Touching a key to your reader or smart phone will tell you what it is for and where it should be right now. You can to issue or return it in under 5 seconds.

                      • Customise fobs to promote your business and brand

                        Choose from a wide range of smart fobs, from stickers that you can add to your exsiting kit, to fully branded epoxy coated fobs in a range of sizes

                      Keyzapp smart fob held to a reader

                      Keyzapp is for Agents, Property Mangers and Housing Associations

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                      "Keys were a problem in every agency I've worked in... except this one."
                       -  Andy England, Hunters, Southampton

                      The fastest, simplest way to manage your keys.

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